Time to Tip Your Hat to Summer

When the heat rises it becomes harder to keep any element of style as it’s much easier to put on a pair of walking shorts, sandals, and t-shirt and forget about it. True that, when it’s 85 degrees or warmer outside a fashion statement is the last thing you’re worried about. Understandable but if you’re going to lunch or a function that includes your family you still need to adhere to the golden rule “always put forth your best effort because you never know how might read it”, and holds true here. With that in mind you can still accomplish an element of style but while being very functional, it’s time to bring back the hat, and I don’t me the bill cap with your club’s logo on the front.


The stylish but casual porkpie

Case in point, if you have children then for most of us we had some kind of commencement ceremony to attend, some more formal like a high school or college graduation, but most of us had more ‘transitional’ ceremonies like going from 2nd to 3rd grade and a small reception that accompanied that. While attending one for my daughter at a fellow students home, I saw many of the fathers there in the pre-described, old walking shorts,

t-shirt, and flip-flops. Once again, I get it, it’s hot, and if you’re honest with yourself, there’s probably someplace else you would rather be on a Friday early evening/Saturday morning. But if you gotta be there remember that these are people you will probably continue to see, and you still will be forming impressions for the future. Most of all you are your little girl’s daddy and you should always want here to be proud. So an idea, still remain cool, you can keep the t-shirt, take a little more time to improve the grade of the shorts so they might be appropriate to take a lunch in the afternoon, ditch the flip-flops for a pair of woven sandals (still keep your feet just as cool but with much more style), and for a touch throw on a porkpie or a thin rim fedora. It will keep the sun out of your eyes and make it look like you actually put some thought into where you were going and whom you might see.


Casual but cool. The Porkpie w/t-shirt.

The hat can be a great touch even when you’re going ultra-casual, actually making you look even more laid-back than trying to make a statement which is always cool. In case you need a little brushing up on what lids might fit the bill, here are some great choices to make you look like you’re on vacation even sipping a mojito at your local lunch spot or the hippest dad in school. So take some time and enjoy the season, as before you know it you may need ear muffs then you’ll wish the lids were more voluntary.


panama hat

The cool Panama. Made for summer, and sippin’ on something smooth.



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