Luxury Cars of the Year – The Ultimate 2019 Wish List

It’s hard not to be smitten by the holiday season, especially anyone with happy childhood memories of their own. I fondly remember making my Christmas list and then pondering what, if any, wishes Santa would be able to fulfill. So, in the spirit of the season we have put together our ultimate Christmas list of the most desirable luxury cars available in 2019 that we can all put on our wish list. Who knows, if we been very good maybe Santa will surprise us with one of these in our driveway.

Ferrari 488 Pista Spider           

I don’t know if there has ever been a “cooler” convertible since Speed Racer drove the Mach 5. First off it has the styling of a Ferrari, and there is no mistaking the style of the sporty lines throughout the body.  But don’t let the it’s pretty face fool you. The Pista goes from zero 124mph in 7.6 seconds and that’s not a misprint. Then again what would you expect when it has a 710bhp under the hood. It’s made with a ultra-lightweight carbon fiber and even has an optional one-piece carbon fiber allow wheels for cool price of $28,000 for the set.


Bentley Continental GT Convertible

Well like I said, if this is a wish list then let’s not mess around. If you had to ask yourself what kid of car would be totally cool to drive, still have some juice under the hood, and makes an unprecedented statement then this is it. It accomplishes all of the afore mentioned but is not too ostentatious to me used in the course of your everyday life. This is actually an updated version of the Bentley Continental GT. In addition to being dynamically superior, it also received an upgrade to the interior, thus noticeably improving the aesthetics and comfort in the process.

Oh yeah, and power? With a 6.0 liter engine the Continental will take you from zero to 60 in 4 just 4 seconds and reach a quarter mile in just under 12 at 11.81 seconds. No doubt this machine is the real deal and has a price tag of 214k before options to prove it.

Tesla Roadster

Tesla broke ground with its innovative and inspiring Model 3 which not only made waves but sent shockwaves through the industry and made everyone else play catchup, and they still are. Ironically, they may have done in again with their new Roadster. It will surely be drawing focus and turning heads, not just because of its sleek looks but also because of its amazing performance.

Speaking of performance, how does Zero to 60 in 1.9 second? It will in theory, leave every production car for dust and quite a few that aren’t road legal. Additionally, the stated top speed (although not tested) a claimed 250mph, which is also unheard of for most cars not to mention an all-electric one.

When driving at normal city speeds, the all-wheel drive Tesla Roadster should do around 620 miles between charges, more than any other electric car, meaning a very low carbon footprint for the owner if they can ‘fill up’ using green energy sources.

As these numbers suggest, this will be the most expensive Tesla ever $200,000, in fact, for the Founders Series plus a deposit of $50,000. Not so bad when you consider it has one of the most technically advanced autonomous driving systems available and a gigantic touchscreen for browsing the internet, listening to music and navigating from A to B.

Porsche Taycan

Like I said before, we are shooting for the best luxury cars in the market for the this list and the Porsche Taycan is among the best in the world. It is a four-door all-electric masterpiece of engineering (almost an oxymoron) that should be the talk of the automotive world when it is unveiled in 2019. It will be the first car to hit the streets from the Porsche Mission E concept, set to launch in March. It features two electric motors that will deliver rapid performance from a variety of outputs, potentially ranging from 402bhp to 603bhp.

Inductive charging is said to be included, and its 800V technology all but guarantees it’ll have current charge times. As for the interior, it is safe to expect touchscreens aplenty, Alcantara suede and leather, and lightweight metals like carbon fiber to keep the weight down. The lines and the styling are unparalleled and if this car can back up the guts it’s boasting then this could be the ultimate combination of flash AND substance.



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