The Return of the Full Windsor

fashionBack in the 80’s there was a climate shift from what the fashion world saw just a few years before, and that term doesn’t contain much hyperbole because when the “new wave” came, there was nothing left of trends from the prior decade. The bell bottoms type suit trousers that you could put on over you shoes were gone, so were the bold color paisley ties, wide collars, and bulky cumbersome tie-knots that felt like you had a baseball resting on your neck. In their place came sleek silhouettes, slick hair, and the knot-size had shrunk to the size of a quarter, and the star of the show was a new ‘half Windsor’ tie-knot.

fashionPersonified by Gordon Gekko and Bud Fox in Wall St. the business world became infatuated with moniker “Greed is Good”, and the look that accompanied that lifestyle. It was all about being slick, buttoned-down and ready to move like greased lightning when inside trade information came in, preparing to woo that jury into seeing things your way, or going into the big meeting not taking ‘no’ for an answer, ABC baby, “always be closing”. Also showcased in Wall St. when Gekko showed how you could put together a perfect ensemble fast, accurate, and clean all while simultaneously scolding your assistant or understudy. It was perfect for the time, too busy “lunch is for wimps”.

fashionOver the past three years we’ve definitely seen that a change in the weather pattern, not quite as dramatic, but certainly noticeable to the point where you don’t want to be left out in the rain. The suits have remained slick, and even years into the trend, remain “Slim Fit” as well. The pants remain ‘cropped’ at the bottom and the well- dressed man still has white pocket square. What has changed is both the dress shirt and the tie. The collar is no longer the tweezer V but more of a spread, with plenty of room to display the full-Windsor knot, which needs to be done correctly. That means an even V on top with a generously sized not ,but not the balled-sock that we used to see in the 70’s, coming to a distinguishable point on the bottom before spreading out again, forming the hourglass shape. Lastly, what really defines a “Power Knot” is the ‘dimple’ in middle, but this is only for the seasoned. Give it a try if you’re so inclined. View the video of the perfect Windsor Knot below :



It’s easy to see who has it together and who is struggling and that is the part of the reason for it’s return to glory and there are high prices to pay for getting it wrong, you see them every day, particularly those on sports channels. Conversely, for those fans of the NFL, check out Jeff Saturday on the NFL Network, he’s an example for ‘getting it right”. Rest assured gentlemen the climate has changed and you  don’t want to be the last one left in rain, so make the switch.