A Destination For Your Body, Mind, and Soul

This is a big beautiful planet and as much as we try to it will be impossible for us to uncover every unpolished gem of a destination that the world has to offer but we’re going to give it our best shot and although we will come up short we will try to bring you some pearls of wisdom whenever we can to help you plan, discover, and make the most of whatever time you might have to getaway. In that spirit we have some ‘goto’ spots where we know the level of service and scenery will only add to the experience. One recent destination really met all of those stipulations, Los Cabos. loscabosisland loscabosmanwomanonrock

Although well of the beaten path it’s certainly not undiscovered or unnoticed. It’s a name that is often thrown around by those with a thirst for travel and make the most of an opportunity to vacation (and the means). Los Cabos has a lot of the appeal of the Greek Iles but without the accompanying double digit hour plane flight. It’s about 2.5 hours from LA or Dallas, NYC or Miami will cost you 6.5 but will short of the 11 hours to get to Greece plus connections. You can actually get a flight from LA for under $200 USD and about $400 from NYC once again, dramatically different from the $2,000 USD to get to Greece from LA, so think about putting the difference back into where you stay or the amenities. This vacation spot has more to offer than being a mile post one the way to a party destination. Here are some of the finer points to help bring it into light.

  • Stunning historic sites such as the stone Iglesia de San Lucas, established in 1730
  • Beautiful, famous rock formation at Land’s End
  • Whale migration from January to March
  • Party central: tequila; conga lines; dancing; swim-up bars; more ballistic than you thinkloscaboshotel
  • Lots of traditional Mexican restaurants
  • Beautiful beaches dotted with rocky cliffs
  • Views of ruggedly beautiful hills and mountains
  • Exciting nightlife scene, especially in Cabo San Lucas
  • Abundance of luxury hotels and all-inclusive resorts, as well as charming historic inns
  • Lots of adventure sports, including scuba diving, wind surfing, and snorkeling
  • Cultural and historic spots in San Jose del Cabo

If you’re looking for the beach vacation keep in mind not all beaches in Los Cabos are equal. Before going planning where to land, it is important to understand the geographic layout of Los Cabos. Los Cabos is made up of 2 towns: San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. Both towns are connected by an 18 mile stretch of spaciously separated waterfront hotels, golf courses and luxury home developments. Most of the waterfront hotels are on lovely wild beaches, where you quickly become hypnotized admiring the power of the waves crashing down on the shore, and the beauty of the turquoise water. However make sure you know which beaches are for swimming and which aren’t, and it will pay to have a rental car to take you outside of the resort if you want to get some variety. It is a caveat but one of the only you’ll have to deal with. The pictures despite their beauty don’t completely do it justice it just something you have to experience.

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