Get the Blues This Holiday Season – The Perfect Men’s Suit for the Holidays

colbalt-blueOk, so now it’s the time of the year for all of the Holiday parties and New Year’s Eve and you’re still looking for the killer look that will get that desired reaction of “well put together” but not overboard or out of taste. What that in mind, you can never go wrong with a blue suit, not too dark like the power suit you wear when you’re in the “kill zone” or as if you’re going to a funeral, but a smart cobalt or Indigo Royal Blue that have been trending all year makes a statement that you’re not too stuffy to have a good time but you also realize it’s not a frat party. We’ve got some good looks that may even play better without a tie, and will be on

Being fashion conscious sometimes have it’s pitfalls, but anyone who has ever been told they “really dress the part”, received a compliment about their attire at a function where everyone is looking their best but you still stand out, or had their significant other receive a compliment on how “sharp” or “smart” they look, knows it pays significant dividends. Although I must admit there is a big difference between knowing what suit best fits the occasion and being a slave to fashion or chasing trends. I for one, was one of the last ones to start having my suits tailored to be really slim on the bottom of the pant legs. I went kicking and screaming to the tailor as he hacked up my Hugo Boss to the point where even if he left excess fabric I don’t know if it would ever fit well once the ‘slim suit’ trend was over and if I just wasted a grand on a suit that will go out of style with the ‘peg leg’ trend. In any case that was well over a year ago and once again I’m glad I made the jump because in many cases the suits now don’t look right if they’re not tailored to fit, so when in Rome……

blue-on-whiteNot only can you go from the office to cocktails, but you can break your suit up for daytime/weekend functions where a matching suit would just be a bit too much or look like you’re tying to make a statement. Throwing some casual pants or jeans with some brown shoes will meet the ‘style component’ and make a statement of its own, but in a subtle way. With multiple looks, feel comfortable spending some money on the suit as it will pay dividends. Just don’t forget to ask the suit doctor to find a way to leave a little on the inside seams in case the 7 inch-wide shoe line doesn’t make it to another Summer!complete-blue-look

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