Happy New Year – NFL and NCAA Football Season Preview

For those you who have been going through withdrawals and/or therapy for the last six months can now look to being constructive members of society again. Suffice to say both leagues rewarded you in week one for your devotion to the cause, with the NCAA scheduling a very non-typical opening day full of matchups between ranked schools and the NFL providing the most comeback and one-score games in its history on opening day. Needless to say it surely satisfied the fix of even the most hard core fan.  However it also set a very high bar to live up to in the upcoming weeks but rest assured the enthusiasm of having America’s new pastime back will make up for a multitude of deficiencies including not one matchup between top 25 schools in week 2 on the NCAA side and anyone playing the Cleveland Browns in the NFL.

So we will be with you on the weekly road trip to the National Championship Game and Super Bowl, providing you with travel tips, and even what and how to grill up once you get to the tailgate.

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