Most Popular Haircuts for Men for 2016

We spring the clocks forward and that means warmer weather is on the way. It also means it’s time to shorten the locks and get a doo that’s made for the season. Trends have changed a little since last year when we featured the hot looks of the season, the ‘fades’ are still here but this year they’ve got some complements to the basics that will make it more labor intensive but worth it.

high fade lose hair blown dry

You will need to blow dry this look to get the volume, but the foundation of the fade is still there. This one connects at the beard, and has no distinct separation. However most of the current styles accentuate the part.

Now for those of you that still have more than an a couple of inches to work with on top with then these will be the seasons for you as trends favor those with a little extra to work with. Of course, we still begin with a close fade then get creative from there.

taper fade with solid fringe

Taper Fade with solid fringe is a look that will dominate if you have the goods to make it work.

Let’s face it some of us are a little older and may not have the flowing locks of yesteryear but fear not, there is also a place for us among the bold and the beautiful as shorter manes are still in style but must be played close to the vest. Still, you can have all the style and more but with an added level of sophistication if you keep it in tact.

short hair pomp fade 1 short hair pomp fade 2



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