NCAA National Championship Game Needs To Be Worthy Of The Season

ncaa championshipThis has been the most balanced NCAA Basketball year on record. A season that has seen multiple number one teams throughout the year, carnage to brackets at the hands of underdogs early in the tournament, and highest number of cumulative losses by top seeds in the history of the dance, was a harbinger that this was going to be one of the most unpredictable in years. So far it has been and with all the drama that we love about the phenomenon that we know as March Madness. Then out of nowhere when we were all situated in front of the TV, chips and beverages in hand, anticipating six hours of the beginning to a climatic end of the melodrama that we have watched unfold over the past three weeks and we get hit with two noncompetitive blowouts. The NCAA Championship Game tonight really needs to step up and be competitive and more resemble the type of year that the sport has had, and the fans have experienced.

What made it the worst is how we were teased. It started with best pre-game ceremony and line-up announcements for any sport that I have ever seen, then the first 8 minutes of each game looked like it was going to be the best semi-final since Laettner’s last second turnaround or the Louisville/Phi Jama Slama Houston years. This was evident by the surge in social media when the Oklahoma/Villanova game where there were 9 lead changes in the first ten minutes of the game. A well-played, high-scoring, back and forth game that made us all happy with our decision to blow off a Saturday afternoon spend it with the flat screen. Unfortunately, by half-time we were starting to regret our decision. The second game was more of the same with a great start and fell off the cliff shortly after that. So we got UNC and ‘Nova and the potential for an amazing final. If we get it then greatness of the year will be remembered and the misstep of the semis can be forgotten. Even if it doesn’t change the fact that I have to make up the Saturday to my wife.

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