Is Your Money Running Out Of Places To Hide?

It really doesn’t seem that long ago as the wounds are still fresh for a lot of us, but it was February 2009 when the last great recession hit the shores of the US, six full years ago and the fallout is still being felt today. Ironically all of the three major industrial averages (Dow, S & P, Nasdaq) have all not only recovered but set new highs, but the bond market and typical savings accounts have never recovered, and that has left a lot of us asking where do we go now?

Now if you had the acumen, or the stones, to hold your stock positions over that time then you’ve probably recovered most of all the losses sustained, but that’s a rare few. So like most people, maybe you waited for the storm to subside then jumped back in only to find that the water is choppy and sometimes violent. Since November of 2014 until now the market may have oscillated 20% in both directions but the endpoint is almost exactly where it stands today at 17,935. So where does leave you to go in order to make more than .025%?

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Obviously, I’m only speaking of my own situation but it seems to have gotten quite sad that when manage to either finally get sitters or creatively find activities to occupy the kinds for more than 30 minutes and we’re finally able to set down with some friends for a summer BBQ, or a small dinner at the house it seems like education and cost dominate the conversation. That’s usually the limit my wife and I will openly discuss financial issues outside of the two of us because it seems like a common denominator of conversation that we all are dealing with.

Over the next four weeks we’ll take a loot at some of the strategies top investment councilors are using to help improve the internal rate of return for their clients and getting them a little closer to their goals like paying for the cost of private schooling, extended care, housekeeping, and more. Its seems only upon reflection of the outgoing expenses to we realize how much is going to living day to day and piecing together a portfolio to combat that while still leaving enough for retirement is complicated puzzle. Hopefully we can help you solve the riddle.


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