This Dance has Something for Everyone

Every year in March it’s not only Spring that rolls around but the greatest sporting event in the country, the NCAA Basketball Tournament, also known as March Madness, or the Big Dance. Every year we like to write something about it and every year it manages to surprise us with incredible storylines worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster, this year is no exception other than the fact that there may be too many great stories to cover so we’ve narrowed it down to our top few.

Strange, but the 2018 tournament will be known as the year of the fairytale, and not only is there more than one but more than one in each bracket! We’ll get to each one but the best have to be out of the South bracket. Firstly it’s the first time there hasn’t been a top four seed in the regional final ever. Moreover, it’s the highest seed total ever in a Regional Final as it’s a #9 Kansas State vs. #11 Loyola Chicago, whom had to beat #7 Nevada that had a great story in their own right which was worthy of headlines so the fans were winners either way. But in regards to who’s left the story of the bracket, and the tourney so far has to be #11 Loyola of Chicago. Making their first Elite Eight appearance in 55 years when they won the whole thing in 1963. Then there is the 95 year-old nun and team chaplain has been a fixture at courtside for every game, including getting hugs and salutations from the players as they enter and leave the court. Without a doubt  the “feel good” story of the tournament. Kansas State would have been a close runner up as a 9-seed making it to the regional final, upsetting blue blood Kentucky with more National Championships than the afore mentioned Loyola of Chicago has tournament appearances. KState, who finished the regular season fourth in the Big 12, then was ousted by Kansas in the 2nd round, hasn’t gotten a whole lot of respect and was given a less than 5% chance to win the whole thing when the tournament started.

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