Tools To Help You Keep Track of Your Life

Something funny happened to me the other day. I was really running late and couldn’t find my car keys so the first thing I thought about was reaching for my cell phone. I picked it up and was aimlessly flipping through the aps as I continued to be stressed out about getting on the road. It was almost simultaneously that I realized the app I was looking for was the “find my Iphone” app that wouldn’t be much help in finding my keys but I had gotten so used to using that app solve my problem when I needed to find something I really needed to find something, that was usually my phone/ipad, that I immediately reach for it.  Then it hit me how great it would be to have that kind of device on all my things, and found out they have a portable tracking devices that can work on almost anything. So I thought I gotta’ get my hands on some of those, the ROI of my time saved will well cover the cost of such a device and it did. So through the course of my research I will share some of the tools that will help you keep your life on track.


The TrackR can be found at Best Buy for $29.99

Part of the problem is that trackers can be bulky and cumbersome. Moreover if they are too large then if you place them on devices you prevent from getting stolen, they will be easily seen and removed. For that reason we are big fans of the of the TrackR Bravo. The TrackR Bravo is a coin-size Bluetooth device that helps you locate your lost belongings. Just attach the $29.99 gadget to your keys, wallet, or anything else you’re prone to losing, and you can use your phone to make the TrackR beep. Thanks to a key ring-friendly design and an included adhesive pad, you can attach it to nearly anything. And it works the other way around as well, helping you to track down your lost phone. It’s a sleek-looking tracking device, but it’s not quite as useful as the Tile which has a more informative app and sounds a louder alarm. Just don’t lose them as well! The TrackR is a small, lightweight plastic disc about the size of a quarter that tapers in a small loop at the top. It measures 1.2 inches across and 0.2 inches thick, and weighs 0.3 ounces. It’s smaller than the Tile, which measures 1.5 by 0.2 inches, and also weighs 0.3 ounces. You can fit an included keychain ring through the loop, or attach a circular bit of adhesive tape (also included) to the tracker’s surface. A TrackR logo sits on the front, with a backlit pairing button right below it.



A little more pricey at $99 but the GP can do a lot more and as a ton of features

In the event you’re in the market for a more sophisticated device that is designed for the task of tracking movement. Such as tracking a bike ride, jog, or other activity. In that cast the GP-30 is a good fit. Simply place the GP-30 30-Day GPS Tracker in a moving object, and when it returns, plug it in to your Windows computer (see the GPS Logger for MAC). The GP30 30-Hour GPS Tracker will show you everywhere it has been using Google Maps/Earth or the included @Trip software. Great for tracking your vehicles, pets, children and more. The GP-30 30-Day GPS Tracker will run for up to 30 total hours per battery charge (average 1 hour per day), recording up to 262,000 waypoints throughout the day using it’s SiRF Star III 65nm low power chipset. See everywhere it’s been throughout the day on a map in just minutes.

  • Water Resistant
  • Records up to 262,000 waypoints
  • Up to 30 hour runtime battery life + motion sensing technology to turn off unit when not moving!
  • Auto-map digital photos with GPS location information
  • View the tracker’s journey in 3D using Google Maps or Google Earth
  • Compatible with all digital cameras and camera phones
  • Easy-to-use mapping software included
  • Export location data in multiple file formats, supports popular web albums
  • Easily create & share a live Travel Blog with friends & family
  • Multiple ways for attachment, suitable for outdoor use
  • Water-resistant hardware design suitable for rainy days, skiing, water sports and vehicle tracking
  • Compatible with 3rd party GPS navigation software & serves as computer GPS receiver as well



Retailing for $139.99 the trackimo may be the smallest but doesn’t have the smallest price.

Another of our favorites is the Trackimo TRK 100. It’s slightly larger than a quarter so easy to hide and sends a strong signal. For you techies the specs are:

Product Specifications

  • Item Weight:                1.4 Ounces (42 Grams)
  • Item Dimensions:        L: 1.8”, W: 1.6”, H: 0.7” (L: 47mm, W: 40mm, H: 17mm)
  • Network Band:            Quad gsm 850 / gsm 900 / dcs 1800 / pcs 1900
  • Battery:                       600 mAH Lithium-ion battery
  • Battery Activity Time: 48-96 hours
  • Product Warranty:      1 year
  • Now keep in mind with some of these, Trackimo included, there is an annual fee so it is the gift that keeps on giving but here are some of the features for the most expensive one that made our list.
  • Free GPS service for the first year – Only $5 per month after the first 12 months, the lowest monthly service cost of any tracking device worldwide. The monthly service pays for the worldwide SIM card using the GSM network to report the real time positioning of the device (just like AT&T etc. has monthly fee).
  • Track anywhere – Trackimo devices can be tracked via web or smartphone app anywhere GSM cellular reception exists worldwide.
  • Free Android and iPhone Apps – no need to pay extra to know where your device is
  • SOS Button – With one press of the SOS button, the location can be broadcast via app notification, email, or text
  • Real Time Tracking – GPS and GSM provide highly accurate current location and one year of history
  • Smart Alerts – User alerts via text, email, and app notifications for location change, customized speed thresholds, and sudden movement or impact.

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